Thursday, September 18, 2008


I seriously can't stand when people write like I wrote the title of this blog. It takes so much effort. Which is crazy cause it's meant to look so jagged and out of sorts like someone just put their hand in a grab bag of written (or typed) letters and just threw them up there. But that took major coordination of my fingers and of my head. But, I did not feel like I could write it without writing it that way. Yes, I am referring to the new ipods. There are here and with a kick.

Now I counted and between my husband and I, we have seven ipods. Six of them work. I know, I am so embarrassed of this fact, and I would love to say that I have so many songs and podcasts and books on tape and vital information that we need all seven. But we don't. We just bought the first shuffle when it came out, got two others as gift, received a free one from a family member, and each own an iphone. So, if you need an ipod, you know where to turn.

But with all of these ipods flooding our house, I still saw the add for the new ones, and began thinking of really imaginative ways that I could use these new colored wonders. Wait, before you say, "bonnie that is so ridiculous. do you know how many you have?" The answer is clearly yes. I am not saying that I went out and bought one of these crazy awesome colorful ones, and I am very sad to admit that the thought of wanting another one even crossed my mind. BUT it did. I do not want all of them, I only want a few of them. A few of them to compartmentalize my life a bit more. ( I know, at 23, I have soo much going on. I am ridiculous).

Yellow for my podcasts.
Purple for my books on tape.
Green for my desire to pretend I am being green.
Blue for the days that I need some blue in my life.
Red because it reminds me of my mom's red Kenny's when I was little.
Silver is way over done.
Orange is sick.
and then pink and black, we already have.

No, really I do not want all these ipods, for those of you that don't know me, I am kidding. Being sarcastic. And a little poking fun at the orange county desire to match your hand bag, car, phone, nail polish and even dog to our outfit. My desire to actually want a designated ipod for my podcasts is a true confession. But, I mean how many do I have downloaded that I just don't even listen to. I have big plans for myself that I will grow and learn all of these great things, be well informed and then do something with it. Sounds vague? Yeah, me too. That is maybe why they sit in my iTunes and the blue dot that says they are yet to be listened to never goes away.

But all this talk about colors reminded me of a cRaZy (sick) teacher that I had at Chapman in my undergrad studies. The class was called "Eastern Concepts of Health and Healing". I had been to a chiropractor once or twice, and my pediatrician from when I was little, (whom I call on a regular basis for medical advice anywhere from a reddish hue on my finger out of nowhere to when I had hernia surgery), practices eastern medicine. And, given I was a Religious Studies major I assumed I would be well equipped to take this class. It goes into way too deep to explain and because I want you to come back and read more of my blog, I am afraid that if I tell you everything you will assume I am lying. So here are a few highlights:

  • She told us she was the Chinese men's trainer at the 2000 Olympics in Athens. Apparently she was getting some deja-vu and so were a few of her other fellow "trainers" and one night, they came together and figured it out: (this is a direct quote) they were "a bunch of old souls that were re-incarnated and joined together at this olympics because they were the first ones to perform in the very first olympics in Athens." She was dead serious. 
  • There are energy vortexes around the earth, in fact there is one in Sedona, Arizona. And, NASA has no idea about these things. And if they did, we would be way farther ahead in the space race.
  • If you have a friend who is having a bad day, just put their picture in some sun light and they will feel better.
  • If you or a friend is having a bad day, then you need to get a crystal (if no crystals in reach, then a "polished rock" will do) and you need to cleanse it of it's aura. How does one do this you may be asking, well, take some sage and burn it. As the smoke from the sage is billowing up into the vortex-centered air, waft the sage toward the crystal and it will be clean. Then, hold it in your hand and say out loud what you want to feel that day. Example: "Today will be a good day." Repeat it over and over, and then carry the crystal (or rock) in your pocket all day. If you are with a friend when you are doing this, and you want it to be a secret (in case they were not tipped off from the burning sage) then just think the good thoughts. It will be the same. Oh, and be sure to "slip" the crystal into his or her pocket, they will never know it is there, but they will have a good day.
These comments were always furiously written down in my notebook from which I should be taking notes, but since we never learned anything, I had tons of room. Later I always took them home and they became the dinner conversation for my roommates and I. BUT, my favorite topic has yet to be shared:

For those of you that did not get to take this ever-informative (gag) class, then I will briefly explain to you what these are. They are seven energy centers in the body, each that have a different color. So, because she is an Olympic Trainer, she uses color therapy on her clients. No joke. She carries around a suitcase with every color polo of the rainbow. She then will study the client's aura, and whatever chakra, represented by a specific color, is heightened, then she will be sure not to where that color polo.  If the client's base chakra (represented by the color red) is most intense, and my teacher happened to be wearing red, then she can do a quick change (behind her client's back?) into a polo that will off-set the chakra, thus calming the patient down. Or, for example, if she wants to have a good day of talking and communication, then she would wear blue for the throat chakra. She never was wearing blue in our class.

I wonder what my Olympic-Trainer-teacher would have to say about these nanos. Now, there would be even more reasons to get every color. One never know's who they will run into on the street. Too much blue will leave you blue in the face from all that talking.

*The views an opinions of my Olympic Teacher are not shared by yours truly. I am not liable for any burned skin from sage wafting, nor do I promote spending your entire paycheck on polos...or ipods.

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