Saturday, September 20, 2008

When Fiction Has Too Much Say

The librarian in me that has been passed down by my mother, has learned from far too many ridiculous mistakes to never, ever under any circumstances judge a book by it's cover. Never. For example, the Bible's cover was hideous.  What if we never picked it up, because we did not know what that book was about and we saw the cover and ran?  No good. Now, we have a Bible for every occasion (Precious Moments, Young Adult, Women's, Men's, College Student's) completed with assorted colors, scratch and sniff pages, and hypercolor covers. (This is used, of course, as means to monitor your spiritual growth.  Is your Bible cover only one color?  Then your sweaty palms have not been glued to your Bible for hours of diligent studying.  Ok, I made that up.)  

But, I must confess that today I did something that I think the "wine librarian" would be so incredibly disappointed in.  In fact, I am almost certain he or she would shake their head at me mumbling: "amateur".  

No, I did not just buy a bottle because it had the prettiest label. Nor did I buy it because the wine was pink and I decorate everything with pink.  No, I am not that much of a rookie.  

I choose my wine because the label looked like and reminded me of one of my favorite books.  

I am embarrassed to admit that the chosen wine was:

based on:  

It is still corked sitting my kitchen waiting for me to swirl it nicely in my blue wine glasses but according to the reviews, I should never, ever take a sip.

Because I could care less if you are laughing at my wine choice, but I care incredibly much if you are laughing at my book choice,  I must defend the Twilight Saga. The books are anything BUT similar to the review of the wine; in fact it's the exact opposite: "full, with everything as notable and memorable."  Obviously, if it's enough to control my beverage choices.


Shey Parise said...

I feel like these books are infiltrating my's all I hear about...Twilight Twilight Twilight. I'm not even reading them.

PS I would have done the same thing.

Megan said...

I'm a bookworm and I like wine. My husband once decided to get me a bottle of wine from the 'Well Read' label because 'hey, you like to read!'

If anyone ever gives you this brand, drop it and run. It was absolutely vile. So, yeah, I get you about picking up wine based on the label alone.

K and/or K said...

Oh I like the way you think! I recently started reading the Twilight series and I am so hooked--vampire talk is rampant at my house! Only on book 2 but hanging on the edge of my seat with every page. On the rare occasions I buy wine lately I'm always looking for a fun label! Last year I found a wine label that is the name we will give the daughter we're adopting from China and I bought 3 bottles, through the mail! Was is good? No clue! But we enjoyed the novelty!

(ps--stumbled over here via heather of the eo's blog, a dear friend of mine)

KP said...

HAHA. this is amazing. i would totally done that too.

PS i get chastised constantly for picking bottles of wine based on how pretty the label is... hint: the prettier the label, the worse the wine. :)