Friday, October 3, 2008

My Thin, Thin Blood

It's 64 degrees here, and you know what that means?


Coming form the Mile High City where there is snow on the mountains till July and there is snow on your grass till May, I am sad to admit that my Colorado heart has thawed, completely. I moved to Colorado from Arizona, and the entire first year I was there I was frozen. Literally. I remember when it was negative nine outside and I just refused to go out. Nope. Not doing it. But then I turned so hard core. My blood thickened and I went running in the snow. Played games in the snow. Would roll in the snow in my swim suit before entering our hot tub. And now, here I am, in Costa Mesa, CA and I am thinking that this is winter. So here are ten things that I am truly embarrassed of, because they are defining aspects of me that change me from CO to CA:

1. It's 68 and I am wearing Ugg boots.
2. That I even have Ugg boots. In CO, we are bad a's and don't wear boots with fur.
3. I pray for rain on Christmas Day.
4. I drove around this morning with heat on in my car, and was horribly upset I had to walk so far to my apartment door.
5. I often use the word "brrrr" to describe how I am feeling when it gets below 70.
6. Is it a bad sign that I contemplated getting into the hot tub to "warm up"?
7. I wore two layers, both pants and tops this morning.
8. When I wear my puffy ski vest, I know I am putting to shame people who really ski. Cause, well hello. Nothing but sand and freeways here.
9. I have actually considered purchasing a heavy, winter coat from J.Crew.
10. That I would even think that J.Crew could offer a good winter coat. What happened to my knowledge and love for rugged REI?

I mean, need I say more?

Colorado, please cover me with snow and freeze me to the core this Christmas. California has stolen all my blood and made it as thin as the girls who live here.


Kristina P. said...

It sounds colder than in Utah right now! It's still in the 80s. I'm sad. I need cooler weather.

KP said...


this is all so true. i was up visiting my parents and we went to tahoe and it was like, 50 degrees and i was dying. no joke. and when i was in montana last week and it snowed i nearly had a heart attack. before i had left, james asked, "so do you have a jacket? it's going to be cold." and i said, "i have a sweatshirt...?" and he shook his head. im SO glad he let me borrow his! f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g. and i grew up in the rain/snow. lame.

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

I love this post!! Oh, how I love this post. The funny thing is I refuse to shop at REI but would snatch a peacoat from jcrew anytime.