Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Treats For Me!

My husband and I are trying to be healthy.  Yes, it's true, we already eat organic everything, almost everything homemade, whole grain, and I exercise 4 days a week.  But we have a huge weakness: TREATS!  My gosh, even now as I typed that, my mouth started watering, like mad.  We LOVE to eat treats.  In fact, we will eat a very light dinner so that we can have more ice cream later.  I'm so not kidding.

So this week, my husband has decided, in a secret pact with himself, to not eat treats.  I know this because each time I ask him if he wants one, I am really telling him in code that I want one but I wont have one unless he has one. He is fully aware of this, because when we don't want treats at the same time, we get so frustrated and guilt one another into having a scoop of ice cream, or four. But he just keeps saying no.  Which means I keep saying no.  

Another something I must bring up is that carbs make me sleepy.  I have no idea why, but I can't eat carbs for breakfast or during the day because about 20 minutes after I am in a coma and I have to inject caffeine into my veins or I will find myself in my bed.  So, I have been eating lots of fruits and proteins.  Now because I claim to be very healthy, and really I am besides the treats, I know that according to avid dieters, proteins are good for you, and carbs are not.  And because my metabolism is crazy fast, then I insist to myself in my head that I need treats to make up for the lack of carbs that are going to my hips.  Besides, doesn't ice cream and chocolate look so much prettier under my jeans than a loaf of bread?  
So I am really trying to only eat treats three times a week.  I already had one, the day that I made the pact, so I only have two more and this week is a big week: Halloween.  So tonight, I asked my husband if he wanted a treat, and because he is in a health conspiracy against my treat longings a great encourager of my goals, he said no.  So, I grabbed a glass of water and pretended that it was no big deal.

But do you know what?  It WAS a big deal!  I want a treat!  I just bought mint hot cocoa from Trader Joes and it's taunting me.  No matter that I am causing the temptation because I did not put it in the cupboard, I placed it right by the hot water boiler.  So I sat there and watched it, and today I thought of smelling it.  No. Can't.  I have decided that Thursday will be the day to break it out.  Why Thursday when Halloween is Friday, you ask?  Well, I babysit on Thursdays and if you frequented their couch, you would call it a treat couch too.  There is just something about how you sink in, and can watch TV without being at the gym, that just SCREAMS treats!  And then, of course, I know I'm at a breaking point, especially after tonight's stunt so I will not be able to have a treat and then not have it again the next day.  Better to get them both out at once.

I feel better now, and I also feel better that today at lunch, I stuffed two JUMBO marshmallows in my mouth while I was waiting for my tea to heat up.  I'm not counting it as a treat though cause they had sand on them from the bonfire.  


Kristina P. said...

First, those cupcakes look amazing.

And second, this post made me just eat a second PB cup from my freezer.

Shey said...

I love treats too....so much.

And really, I would have used the same justification to shove marshmallows in my mouth without counting them.

Ethan said...

you should consult Kali, her treat cravings have significantly lessened recently.

Kristen said...

Aww, girl, have a treat and go for a run!! BTW your blog looks ADORABLE.

Nate K. said...

YUM! the word TREAT, is such a good one. It brings so many delicious goodies to mind!