Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TV Guide

Lately I have been putting in my running milage at the gym. I prefer the outdoors, especially since I live where it's summer all year round, but I have injured my leg recently and indoors is all I do right now.

Sadly, I have been planning when to run based on the TV shows that will be playing during that hour. I literally go on and search throughout the day to find the best shows. I know, it's not the best use of my time, but we currently do not have a TV and I spend my hours and days and weeks and years and life reading books for work, reading books for school, listening to podcasts for work and listening to lectures at school. So there comes a point that this brain of mine just needs a little bit of mind numbing activity.

Yesterday I ran to The King Of Queens. I got lucky too, cause there were two episodes on in a row! That show is one of my favs to just sort of phase out to. That, and Reba.

The day before that I watched Wife Swap.

The goal, is that you find a show that you do not have to stop running to change the channel, so it is CRITICAL that you pick a good one.

Tonight is out. Just too tired. But tomorrow, is another day. I will be running in the morning, before work so here are my options at a roaring 7:00 am:

Sister, Sister (wayyyy too early for twins with parents who are so incredibly annoying)

Planet's Funniest Animals (I can't picture myself cracking up over this)

Babies: Special Delivery (I'm newly married and that will scare me straight to the couch at night)

Parental Control (a trashy MTV show. I'm embarrassed I know what this even is)

Saved by the Bell (for a rookie, this would seem like a good option. WARNING: 80's TV shows do not have good sound quality, so you will end up just blaring those speakers and that can cause ear damage. Not a good idea.)

So it's down to: Good Morning America and the Early Show. I'll have to check who is guest starring. I can't have someone blabbing about something and then want to change the channel. See because the show has to be so, so good that when the commercials come on, you kick that speed and that incline way up just to blow off some adrenaline, then back down to normal pace when the show comes back on.

Interval training. I can't decide if this is pathetic or really inventive. I'm voting the former.


Kristina P. said...

Wow, you really need a TV. I can't even imagine the torture that must me.

Oh, and I would totally go for Parental Control

Rebecca Owen said...

i'm lol-ing so hard.