Friday, December 19, 2008

Boys vs. Girls: Tug of War

Hey Ladies.

I have a bit of news for you that the male population would like you to know.  Be it your boyfriend, your dad, your husband, your coworker, your neighbor, your mailman; they all would like this info made known.

If they are: tired, hungry, or sick, they are the most tired, the most hungry, and the sickest that anyone has ever been. Ever. And ever will be.

And in case you think that you could understand the agonizing pain they are in, you can't.  Because you have not been working, going to the store, cooking, or trying to do anything that would cause you to use energy.  No.  Instead you have been lying around all day (every day) sleeping and eating, so you are constantly renewing your energy source and also  by nature "healthy" is your middle name.

So please, when you hear a male say they are really tired, or extremely hungry, or that this time they are so sick you would not understand how much their throat hurts; please do not try to empathize, that's insulting to their pain.  But, take that as a warning and gear up, because this time wont even come close to the discomfort they will be in next time.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. Love it!

Heather of the EO said...

Amen, sister. What is the deal with that???

Kyle said...

Haha, oh Bon.

No one likes generalizations. Where have those got us? The Mason-Dixon line, that's where.

True empathy isn't saying "oh, I was sick once too." It's assuming the "as if" position and responding, "oh that must be miserable."

Psych degree for the win!

Miss you.

BTW- Dave put the UFO video on Fbook. It's a hoax....

Sona renker said...

this is why when one of our husbands gets a cold we refer to it as a "man-cold" because apparently its a whole different strain and causes a runny nose to be akin to a gunshot wound. or pneumonia.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Say it loud and repeat it often...women are just stronger than men. Hands out.

If you ever decide to have kids, this situation only becomes amplified by about 1000%. There have been days when I can barely see straight because I have a bad case of the flu, but still need to go forward with my day.

Men, like you said, are completely different. My husband needs to sleep in until about 9:00 and then take a nap in the afternoon if he feels a bug coming on. Really?

I love him, but buck up like the rest of the female population. :)


juliereid said...

Great wisdom I see in this piece! After having a 22 year marriage and a son I can confirm you are really on to somthing here Bonnie, keep with it - you will be served well by this knowledge....

Love you bunches....