Monday, December 22, 2008

Mac Tip #9: Undo and Redo

Sometimes when I am blogging or typing a love letter of sorts I write things and I want to scribble it out and change it and have it still look really professional.  Cause that's what I am: a professional blogger and lover.

So clearly I can not take a sharpie and scribble out the mistakes on my screen, although I did that once when I was three to my mom's friend's new Apple II e.  Oops.

So when I make a mistake and I choose a poorly written word, or I need to just simply start with a clean state after the first paragraph I wrote, I simply push:

"Apple key + Z" and the mistake disappears.

But then, in a moment of sanity when I decide that my word choice, before I deleted it, was actually GENIUS and I am sad that erased the word, or entire page, I simply push:

"Apple key + Y" and what was taken away, is now back!

Editor's tips and tricks.  Easy as pie. Apple pie.


Anonymous said...

i am the first to read it!!! i beat that person who always comments first!!!! yea!!! very clever my dear sister! i love you and can't wait to see you for our own special Christmas!

Ethan said...

knew apple Z, didnt know apple y. :)

Sona renker said...

i dont even know what the apple key is. is that the "command" key?