Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!


Today is your Birthday, and as I think of today, I can't help but think of all the great days that led up to this moment.  You have always been right there beside me, comforting me when I was scared, sharing every story with me into the wee hours of the night, making my favorite dishes when I had a bad day, and your hugs and kisses remind me of my worth.  Although I could not pick favorites, because all of our memories are too good, here are a few to enjoy on your special day:

  • Remember when I was afraid of the dark (and dad putting me in the cold shower to stop crying), so I would sneak in your room and lay as flat as I could and as close up against you as I could, allowing your body's shadow to cover me so that Dad would not see?  It never worked, he always heard me.  But what I love about this is that you always let me try anyway.
  • What about the time that you taught me how to ride a bike?  It was those cute pink banana seat bikes that we got for Easter that one year.  You ran next to me again and again at that park by our house on 68th street.  I always got scared and let myself topple over, but you got me to try again and again.  I'll never forget when the practice paid off and you let go of the bike, and I began to pedal on my own.  I looked back at you, afraid to leave your side, and you yelled for me to keep going, "YAY Bonnie!"  so I kept going, around the track until I was next to you again.  I still feel like that today.
  • Remember the awesome birthday party that we decorated those SWEET cups with paint pens?  Then you duplicated it with the glasses at my bachelorette party.  You always remember things like that, and it means the world to me.
  • I have always loved when you sang me to sleep.  "Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie's in love..."  Now I am there, and I love him because you taught me to love first.
  • You have always been the best artist, remember that puff-paint whale on my lunch box? I love that, and secretly want another one.
  • You are the only one that consistently cares if Bebes has a seasonal outfit.  You made him those overalls with clouds and another with roses, and not to mention his heart sweater.  You will kiss him and I love that about you because you appreciate cute things. More than that, you know that Bebes has gotten me through some scared nights, lonely nights, plane rides and a trip to college; you understand the importance of being comforted.  Your voice is the best comfort to my heart each day.
  • You let me call you as many times as I want per day, and you never seem annoyed with me.  You listen to my stories, you encourage me, you laugh with me, cry with me, and you tell me that you are my best friend too.
  • You are the best example of God's love that I have seen.  The way you love your husband, your kids, and your friends is always inspiring to me.  Your gifts are plentiful, and you bless others just by your words of kindness and encouragement.                                                                           Thank you so much for loving me with so much grace and patience.  I can not even begin to express how much you mean to me.  You are my mom, my best friend, my encourager, my confidant, and a source of joy that I am thankful for each day that passes.  I love you so much mommy, and I can't wait until we get to live near one another.  I hope you have the BEST birthday because you deserve it!  
Happy Birthday Mom!  I LOVE You!!!!


Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday to your mom! She sounds awesome!

Oh, and the title to my post today is Beyonce's Single Ladies, and I thought of you.

Tunnel Photography said...

I love you Sharon!! I miss you.

KP said...

bon, this post was inspiring, and it made me realize how important moms are and how much we love them.

thank you :)

Heather of the EO said...

Wow, what an amazing mom you have! Such a sweet post. happy birthday, MOM! :)

Shey said...

I know this is late...but Happy Birthday Sharon! You are one stellar lady and I am blessed for having you in my life.

Miss you.