Thursday, December 4, 2008

This Week is Not My Friend

I have been so incredibly MIA this week and this is why:

Monday: Worked instead of day off

Tuesday: Day off instead of worked, but internet is down.

Tuesday night:  5 hour retreat for Seminary

Wednesday:  Internet down, sat at Starbucks for an 8 hour work day and only got one Venti Earl Gray tea. Got called "cheap" I'm sure many times by the employees.

Wednesday night:  Meant to write a paper, but didn't.

Thursday: Work. Dropped my iphone and broke it. The screen goes back and froth between a black and white barcode or a blue and yellow striped Gap button-up.  

Thursday night:  This is now, let's hope that I: babysit, and then write my life away.  No internet and no phone....should be able to get something done.


Kristina P. said...

Wow! The Internet being down is the worse thing ever!

Heather of the EO said...

I hope nexst week is more of a friend to you than this week :)

Shey said...

I'm sorry Bons. I am your friend.

You have been victimized by technology.

juliereid said...

Hey Bonnie, 553,000 people lost their jobs in November, me being one of had work, you had an iphone, you had a starbucks....girl, you have school, its all good. Perspective is everything!Sometimes I think about everything that is going wrong and forget all that is going right.....maybe its just another way to look at it all ? Another point of view.
Love you bunches.....