Friday, December 19, 2008

Breakfast? I'm sorry I can't, I'm Apparently Not Smart Enough

We got a really awesome toaster oven as a wedding gift and I must admit that I am truly thankful for it.  With regular toasters, I get a little stressed out that they are not actually working.  I have had so many in which it is time for the bread, or pop tart, to do some actual popping, and nothing.  Later I find out that the spring is broken, the bread has been burned and I am cranky.

But one thing really confuses me about this toaster oven.  First of all, it's a toaster and an oven all packaged into one.  That must be why there are about 500 different options for heat, and broiling, and a timer, etc.  Which, let me say, it's small am I really going to be cooking a turkey in there?  Doubt it.

But really I am bitter about the whole thing, because I am beginning to think that my lack of trust for the toaster is not really the device.  I hate to admit it, but I think it's me.  I can't get a freaking piece of bread to be the right consistency no matter what I do.

I always have it at the same setting (mostly because the other ones are too complicated)
I always use the same timer

And one time it will be burnt to the crisp, and other days, like now, I am so disappointed that my english muffin is nothing more than a flimsy warm piece of carbs.  I mean really?  Is this some kind of joke?  Or how about yesterday when I made cheese rolls for Cy and the cheese melted everywhere inside the toaster oven, but no effect on the bread?  What is wrong with that thing?  Or me?

So as I sit and eat my half warmed, non melted buttered, flimsy piece of bread, that I realize there is so much to learn and life and frankly is daunting if I can't even figure out the toaster over.  I'm going to have a zone bar instead, or should I say in addition to?


Kristina P. said...

Toaster ovens are tricky little devils. I hope you have a better toast day tomorrow. :)

Christiana said...

I do believe the toaster in question is the "toastation;" it's toaster on top, but then if you push the lever, it's an oven. i have it, and either i'm toaster-challenged as you say you are, or it just happens to light my food on fire on a weekly basis. it will remain a mystery... but keep writing! i love your blog :)