Monday, December 1, 2008

Mac Tip #6: Quick Look

Sometimes, I want to see a document without actually opening it.  I want to look at the contents without waiting for the program to load.  Yes, I am that impatient.

Thankfully, Mac has shortcut to solve this issue.  It's called "quick look".  Quick look will only work if you have the leopard operating system (this is the newest operating system available).  This tip will allow you to find your document quickly and easily.  

Open your Finder.  
Click on your Documents folder.
Highlight a document that is most likely titled the same as all of your other ones (BonnieLewis1.doc, BonnieLewis1a.doc, etc.) and this is why you are confused.
Click the space bar.
Voila!  A small preview of the document will pop up on your screen.  Take a look at it, and when you are done, click the space bar again and it will disappear.  

You can do this for photos, itunes artwork, and really anything that is in your Finder.  If it's an application, then it will show you a larger version of the icon with the application information.

 It's like peek a boo but for your computer.  Easy, easy easy. 

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