Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Idaho Travels

My husband and I are going to visit his home state full of potatoes: Idaho.

He actually hates that joke, but I still get a kick out of it.

Like most places you travel, if you look around at the people on the plane you can always tell (or at least guess) where they are coming from or where they live.  For example, if you are en route from Arizona to New York, and you see someone wearing a dreamcatcher necklace, chances are you've got a Zoni on your hands.

Or if you are going to Hawaii and someone is decked out in sunglasses and a hat and a fake lei, well then, you know they are not the native Hawaiian.

So today, I fully expect to see lots of these types of shirts:  

as well as these:  
and I bet we could guess who is the Idahoan and who isn't.  


Kristina P. said...

Ha! I love the wold shirts. So true.

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

i totally do that too-- try and figure out where people are living or vacationing. you know maybe Branden and Amanda will be giving out those gorgeous wolf shirts at their wedding. ya know, as thank you gifts?

Shey said...

I hate dream catchers.

Ethan said...

Where's the new mactip???

Pink Ink said...

I'm going to Idaho sometime soon. Though I wish I could go to Hawaii instead.

Is there a shirt that says "Hawaii, not Idaho"?

-found you at Bloggers Annex