Friday, November 14, 2008

The People You'll Meet

At the Starbucks that I frequent, I usually run into this character.  He loves to communicate and so I know way too much about him:

1. He "loves all things Jesus"

2.  He is unemployed but is dying to find a job very fast.  But, he sees that for most jobs he wants, he needs  a Masters.  So when he found out that I was getting a Master's he said, "Oh where?  I need to pick one up."

3.  His career goals have evolved from accounting to health care to drug rehab.

4.  He no longer goes to this Starbucks anymore because the soft chairs started to hurt his back.  He goes to one now with "more tables."

5. After telling him all about my job, he has concluded that my line of work is a "professional reader."

Oh the people you'll meet.


Kristina P. said...

Wow, I need to go to your Starbucks!

juliereid said...

Aren't you so glad the election is over?

Brianne said...

I seriously think I met this guy when I worked at the Sbux over off of Chapman and..... can't remember the other street. The one across from the Inn and Out? ANYWAY, he used to "witness" to me even though I told him I was already a Christian and proceeded to talk about how he didn't have a job, etc. and how he just got out of rehab... same story. He used to wait until I was on a break or getting off work and then would chase me out the door to tell me about "all things Jesus." Weird. I wonder if it really was the same guy?