Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thanksgiving? Are You Still There?

As I run around the beautiful city of Costa Mesa, where South Coast Plaza is the center of "culture", I am already surrounded by holiday decorations.  There are tinsel-coated giant stars on the light posts, larger than life Christmas ornaments that surround the mall entrances making you think you have blown   a warp whistle from Super Mario Brothers and landed in Big World.  And not to mention giant Santa Houses that take over the middle of the mall.  At first, I find myself oohing and ahhing over the Christmas Spirit, and wanting to put in my favorite Christmas album: Hanson's Snowed In.

But then, I pause, because I realize that it's only November 4th.  We skip from July 4th, to a small celebration of candy during Halloween and then we go straight to Christmas.  Thanksgiving, one the BEST and the oldest holidays in our country is getting the shaft.  For a people that claim to be sooo American, we sure do drop the turkey and mashed potatoes out the window.  I am here to say that:


The food, the family, the giving of thanks.  It's wonderful.  I mean I'm not advocating that we put up large turkey heads at the mall, but don't you think that we could wait just a bit on the holiday decor?  Just to honor Thanksgiving?

We will be going to Catalina Island for the fourth year in a row this year, and I am so excited.  Good friends of ours live there, and I can not wait to visit again.  I made these photos old school so that we could instill some thanks for those that actually grew the corn and killed the turkey:

Melissa Tomeoni , from Soul Mates Photo gave me this great idea.  Check her out, and click here if you want to make your photos full of the olden times.


Kristina P. said...

Christmas was up before Halloween was over! That makes me angry.

And you know, for living in California for 12 years, I have never been to Catalina.

Kyle said...

Thanks for the Mario 3 Big World reference.

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

isn't that website sweet? gotta love the instant 100 year old charm.

Anonymous said...

This has bothered me for years! While I'm not a fan of Thanksgiving food at all (weird, I know), I've always LOVED the holiday and spending it with my family. So fun, and it totally gets the shaft.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason stores are so eager to put up xmas decorations is because, well, nobody gives presents at Thanksgiving. If people were expected to spend boatloads of money at retailers for Thanksgiving, you'd see turkey and pilgrim decorations in malls by June.

Oh, and that photo thing is AWESOME and...don't tell anybody, but I love Hanson. Shhhhhhh....

Heather of the EO said...

I love Thanksgiving too. (:

Jeremy said...

yeah, but you gotta admit, those red cups at starbucks are pretty sweeeet =)

"I'll take a grande cup of good cheer."

mary beth said...

catalina and thanksgiving are my two very favorites.