Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mac Tip #4: Zoom In

At some point, we all have trouble seeing and brining a magnifying glass every time you use your computer may be a bit odd. The print on some websites and the people in some pictures are just too small and you need a way to make it bigger.  Pulling the screen closer to you is not the best help, because after a while you will hit your nose to the screen.  So put away that magnifying glass, keep your head at a normal distance from the screen, and learn how to zoom in.
Find the "Control Key": 

(Yours will be far more streamlined than this, because this chunky one is from a PC.  It's located in the bottom left corner of your keyboard.)

Simply hold down this button while you move your fingers on your trackpad on your laptop (You know, it's where you control your mouse) in a upward motion.  You will see the screen get larger in front of you.   Once the words or picture is as big as you would like it, let go of the control key and use your fingers on the trackpad to move the screen around.  You will not be able to type or navigate when the screen is zoomed in,  you will only be able to look at what is on the screen.  To get the screen back to it's original size, hold down the control key again, and move your fingers in a downward motion.  If you have a desktop, do the same things as mentioned above, only use the scrolling feature on your mouse.  
Go on, give it a try:
isn't it so much better when you can see?


sona said...

chunky PC button... Hahahahaha!

Kristina P. said...

You are a Mac genius!

Ethan said...

now we're talking...these are the sort of tips the average user doesn't know...i like how you're getting more technical with each tip. i cant wait for the day when you post a tip I don't know!!! :)

Randy said...

So great... if only i had a mac... but little did you know that not only was it a mac tip but a PC tip because you can do the same with PC... so thanks for your PC Tip#1!!!